Bobi Wine flies to America & other places but he does not include me—Bosmic explains why he met Museveni,quit People Power

Bobi Wine easily flies to America, South Africa, London, Australia and other places but he does not include me on his trips. Bosmic explains why he met Museveni, quit People Power

Summary Interview. Following his recent meeting with President Museveni, popular singer and People Power coordinator for northern Uganda, William Otim, aka Lucky Bosmic, has excited debate. Both his fans and detractors are divided on whether Bosmic has made a strategic mistake by abandoning Bobi Wine and embracing Museveni. Below is an interview Jimmy Kwo conducted with Bosmic in Kitgum Town last week.

Are you still the People Power youth wing coordinator for northern Uganda?
Officially I have said I am not with People Power right now. Because they did not demonstrate to me enough support. When I got into problems they did not support me. People Power never did anything in my life. When I was arrested, People Power never visited me in prison, when I was admitted to hospital with injuries sustained in the struggle they never came to support me. When we went to Kampala, People Power never even visited me, instead they were calling me to go to the home of Bobi Wine with my head injury. People Power does not have humanity.
Anybody who cannot support you in your most difficult hour, when you are in prison; sick in hospital or arraigned in court, that is not your person.

What do you say to people who say Bosmic has made a strategic mistake by abandoning Bobi Wine and embracing President Museveni?
I want Acholi to know there will never be any Acholi child who will do for Acholi more than what Bosmic has done. I have been worrying; crying; and quarreling for Acholi. But I am so disappointed with some people who hail from northern Uganda. I landed in problems after government saw I was the one promoting People Power in northern Uganda yet People Power was not supporting me in any way in the struggle.
The people of Acholi know that I am the one who wrote songs that challenged the government; opposed bad policies from government; and reprimanded groups that brought problems to Acholi and also reprimanded Acholi leaders both in government and Opposition – those who use their offices to abuse Acholi yet it is these people who elected them. It was also left to me to reprimand traditional leaders who were not performing according to the interest of their subjects.

Now, on Bobi Wine, People Power would rather have us move around shouting ‘eh, People Power, eh People Power’ but when we land into problems, they are not part of it. They don’t come and they don’t even want to know about it. I have since learnt that People Power only likes us when we can go on streets and markets to protest. If we can cause mayhem there, then we would still be known as People Power members when our heads are hit and blood is oozing. But when we want support to treat the injuries incurred; when we ask Kampala office which hospital do we take Bosmic and others to, then the hospital is not there.

But when Bobi Wine gets serious injuries he is flown abroad. Yet Bosmic was hit on the head with the butt of a gun, but People Power never even bothered to treat him. The [treatment] does not seem to be uniform! In People Power, all the good things seem to happen only to Mr Bobi Wine and a few others while the rest of us are left to suffer. Which means when it comes to protesting on the streets to sustain injuries we are still regarded as People Power but when it comes to treatment, paying for capacity building for the People Power officials; then we are no longer People Power members.

Any personal disagreement between Bobi Wine and Lucky Bosmic Otim?
What pained me most was that Bobi Wine and I were banned from holding music shows in the whole of Uganda. When I try to perform music shows in Lamwo or Kitgum, the RDCs and soldiers would bar me. I further tried to hold music shows in Elegu and Kampala but all were blocked, but my brother Bobi Wine easily flies to America, South Africa, London, Australia and other places but he does not include me on his trips.
He flies to these places with some artistes and People Power officials from the centre and returns with US dollars, Pound Sterling and Euros. And yet , I Bosmic, cannot even afford to feed my family because all my avenues of incomes have been blocked. Now, how should I survive?

And we are calling this a struggle; to me this is a sugar-coated struggle that favours only a few people but not all citizens of this nation. To me this is a sugar-coated revolution that favours a few people instead of the whole nation. I always ask myself; how come when it comes to anything that involves money; nobody, no official of People Power from northern Uganda is involved? But when it is demonstration on streets to have a serious encounter with the police, when we are shedding blood, getting serious injuries and deep wounds on us, we are People Power. But when it comes to money issue we are not People Power. This is my major concern