The “Bikwase Kyagulanyi” singer has told the President to wake up to the harsh realities the common people are facing. This after the President noted that the economy is not doing bad as he delivered the State of the Nation address on Wednesday.

Reacting to the Presidents remarks, Bobi Wine revealed that peoples eyes are open and they can see all that is wrong.

He wrote online, In his State of the Nation speech the President said that those who think the economy is bad have no eyes to see. He said an economy cant be bad when there is an excess of electricity. Well, Mr. President, we have eyes to see the darkness that invades our homes when there is no power. We have eyes to see our empty wallets and children sitting idle at home as the new school term begins. We have eyes to see that you have been president for a long time, and it is a bad thing because despite of all your experience, you cannot see that the peoples eyes are open and Uganda belongs to us! Someone should wake Mzeei up.