Bobi wine to Bosmic Otim,The man you are praising has never loved you and he will never love you,they just need you because..

In a cut phone call summary former people power Coordinator Bosmic Otim spoke to bobi wine for first time after defecting from the pressure group.

Bobi Wine: “Bosmic my brother [yes], my young brother [yes brother] what connects me with you is not just today or this year. What connects us is the pain that our people go through, what connects us is the identity our people have known for so many years. Many times and you will find that part of my relationship with you is true Acholi character of not being hypocrite but being truthful or saying the truth to anybody and everybody. That is the Bosmic I know [I like it when you said you know it] yeah; because Bosmic represents the true identity of those great Acholi people. Me I come from this region but you know the stereotype that has been attached to our people and how much….. I must tell you brother I was very-very frustrated and surprised to see Bosmic weakening. My brother if these people have never liked you, they will never like you. What they did to your people you know as much as I know that there was a genocide in your area against your people, you understand? [I’m following you Bobi].

“The man you are protecting or the man you are praising has never loved you and he will never love you; they need you because you are a celebrity, they need me just like they need other body else. There is nothing that take our people but our voices. Bosmic, me as a person my music was blocked, everything was blocked, I cannot work in my own country, people get killed – the boda bodas and so on. You know we don’t buy anybody fuel, we don’t buy anybody lunch – in any case they buy for us fuel and they buy for us lunch. Why? Because they are so much…”

Bosmic Otim: “This is exactly my complain when I talked to you, here they have blocked me from music [Bobi Wine interjects…..let me finish Bosmic].

Bobi Wine: “You know as much as I know I’m in too much pain and as a leader in my position I have no right to be angry with anybody; you, you are my brother, okay! But you know, all these people quarreling they are quarreling not because they hate you, they are quarreling because they are disappointed at the last line of hope; just imagine what people are talking about….