Bosmic Otim is among the most feared civilians by the Government–said Mityana MP Zaake

Singer Bosmic Otim was among the team that was appointed to coordinate People Power activities ahead of the 2021 General elections last Wednesday at Kyagulanyi’s home in Magere.He was appointed as a Deputy to lead the youth wing in the struggle.

As the leader of youth wing,Mp Zaake wrote a statement on unveiling Deputies of People Power Youth wing marking Bosmic otim among the most feared civilian by the Government.

“I am happy to bring you the good news that the People Power Movement has today unveiled a five-member Youth Wing led by me and regionally deputised by the following individuals.
Namirembe Angella (Deputy – Central Region),Saasi Marvin (Deputy – Western Region),Mariah Natabi (Deputy – Eastern Region) also
Lucky Bosmic Otim (Deputy – Northern Region)
An iconic musician of the North using music to inspire several youths in the community, Bosmic stands to be among the regime’s most feared civilians. He’s armed with ideas of advocacy. He championed the Bobi Wine official endorsement recently in Gulu market.”..Said MP Zaake