This is what Bosmick Otim said to Northern Uganda Entertainment award/NUEA

According to Northern Uganda Entertainment awards,a Post published three days ago,indicate that Bosmick Otim met with the CEO NUEA awards at the beginning of the week and they discuss alot of thing including how they can change the industry in the upper part of the country.

“Northern Uganda Entertainment Awards CEO visited Bosmic to confirm whether the talks are true that fellow artists from the North are really fighting him, to the extent of breaking his vehicle(s) down on during shows. This has been a serious issue as Northern radios kept on addressing the point of hatred among artists which is bringing a downfall in the industry slowly, unlike other entertainment industries which lack this drama.

We don’t know whether this is caused out of competition, but the Media continues to say that many new artists in the industry have dared to bring Bosmic down in every way they could which is not musically. This got to a point whereby the NUEA CEO called Bosmic to come to Gulu and meet him personally, explain to him what the problem really is… Bosmic admitted over their first meeting at Smiling Panda (a happening place in Gulu) that it’s true young artists have been waging war to him, which doesn’t serve justice, musically he says he’s brought up most of them from the ground and groomed them into being stars. Bosmic further stressed how he has supported same artists financially as well besides music alone, the musician who outbeat Jose Chameleone in London over a show demonstrated how his name has been on top not only in Uganda, Northern region or East Africa but also abroad. With the fact, Bosmic’s music is the most trending on YouTube leaving the fact that in Northern Uganda he’s always been No.1 since 2005.

NUEA CEO Sir Allan Kaweireku was getting this concern very deep that he felt touched about the treatment of the Legendary musician by his fellow industry mates, he promised the legendary musician that he’ll clear this with his capacity – and furthermore, Sir Allan gave an example of “hard work pays” delinquently towards all artists in Northern Uganda, stressing like this does not even require a workshop for. Sir Allan went on and made it clear that if all artists from Northern Uganda would work together, share same stage never-know the unity and transformation of peace will upgrade more exposure to the industry in the North.
Sir Allan, “We don’t need to fight eachother, we just need to work together” “If someone is bigger than you, this person has been there for longer, better findout how they’ve made their way consistent and still hitting, maybe you can achieve the same.” says NUEA CEO

As Northern Uganda Entertainment Awards we think that all professionals have to act like the professionals they are.
Unless otherwise, we still have a Long way to go…