I can’t quit music am just resetting up to make a better comback—-Said Oj Maxwell

When Oj Maxwell announced he was taking an extended break for resetting his ‘come back’ in the music industry, you were devastated. You BARELY made it through the subsequent five month of Oj maxwell-less airwaves. Raise your hand if you think there should be an actual law requiring Oj Maxwell to drop a new song every two months since his music gives you THAT MUCH LIFE.

Well,now get your hopes up because what Oj maxwell just said about his future in music will never give you nightmares any more

In an interview with Radio Rupiny last week,the RNB lyrical genius admitted that his musical ambition will not bottom out.he clearify to his fans that he will never quit music.

“Some of my fans think My ambition in the music industry is at zero. when I put music on hold for the past few months,” he shared. “I can’t quit music am just restting to make a better come in the industry.I want to be fully well organise .”…..Said Oj Maxwell