Capital FM added 6 more Northern artists to their Gulu Gang Event.Tempra omona payments is at 3million,Pretty B 1million while others at only..

After the Boycott of capital Fm tour event Gulu Gang buzzed the internet with the region few days ago for putting only two Northern artists on their performance list Eezzy & Liama,The organizers of the events decided to add more performance from the region to calm down the decampaign of the event.Event that will happen on 29 this month.

The artists whom were added in the list of the performers are Tempra Omona, Bsg Labongo, Smokie Allan, Pretty B and Kodi pa oting look crooner Destined Destiny.

According to the clarified source,Tempra omona payments is at 3million,Pretty B 1million and others at 600,000 UGX..artists who are to be paid 600,000 are given 300,000 deposit this according to their agreement with the event organizers.while the other first two Liama and Eezzy are at 1million each

Northern buzz keep you posted!