‘Cawa Dek’ Singer Micho Benz Didn’t Know What A Condom Was,he claims

Micho Benz once mistook a condom for a “new balloon”.
The Cawa Dek star used to love playing with the balloon when he was young and couldn’t understand why his neighbour didn’t want him to keep the “white balloon” he’d discovered.
Asked by Northern Buzz for his favourite childhood memory, he recalled: “I grew up in a village in northern Ugandan, and there were many neighbours around.
“I loved to play with balloon so much more especially during holidays, and I loved to pick up thrown balloons.
“One day I was so excited, because I had found a brand new type of what I assumed was white balloon.
“I thought, ‘Wow, I’m an intrepid explorer and I’ve identified a new type I’m incredible.’
” I ran over to my neighbor and I was like, ‘antie, look! It’s white balloon!’ She was like, ‘Why don’t you put that piece of white balloon back where you found, or better yet, throw it in the garbage?’
“Because it turns out it was a condom, and I didn’t know what a condom was.
“I thought, ‘Why doesn’t she want me to have this white balloon? She’s afraid of the unknown, I guess.’ ”
Elsewhere during the chat with Northernbuzz.biz – in which he was asked questions by his famous friends – the 35-year-old singer praised his fans for their continuous supports to his musical career because it’d paved ways in his success over the years.
“Then, obviously, there’s your unbridled courage, which has paved the way for me and countless other people to be who they are. I owe you my life in that respect.
“And then there’s the lengths to which you’ll go for your cats, which rivals my own.”, he concluded.