Chameleone Scoops Mineral Water Brand Ambassodar Deal

Chameleone Scoops Mineral Water Brand Ambassodar Deal:
Although reports say that his image and music career is waning, it’s like some companies still have confidence in associating with him.
Reports reaching us have it that Highland Natural Mineral water manufactured by NC Beverages Limited in Kawempe has signed a new contract with singer Jose Chameleone as their brand ambassador for a period of 2 years.
We have learnt Chameleone will be bagging a retainer cash pay in eight figures per month where he will feature on their promotion campaign platforms.
We have learnt that he will compose a jingle for the mineral water brand that will be playing in their adverts on the airwaves as part of the deal.
Some years back Chameleone used to be a brand ambassador for top telecom companies and other corporate entities.