Confirmed:Bosmic Otim to faced off Beatrice Anywar for Kitgum municipality MP seat in 2021 Election.

The more and more musicians and entertainers expressing their interest in standing for various political offices in the coming 2021 country general election.And the latest is perhaps Bosmic Otim have shown potential to faced off with Beatrice Atim Anywar !

Northern Buzz have learnt that the top Northern Uganda based singer Lucky Joyce Bosmic Otim is seriously considering running for the Kitgum municipality MP seat in the coming 2021 general Election.The singer declare his intentions to take back Beatrice Anywar to the village in an interview with Radio Rupiny on Monday. Word is Bosmic has consulted with his inner circle, political associates,Top Digital marketing company in Northern Uganda that we were not allow to disclose the name , possible campaign team heads, as well as made a serious study of his chances, and is now largely decided that he is going to run for the office.

“The people of Kitgum municipality been asking me to serve them in 20121″….Said Bosmic Otim in an interview with Radio Rupiny.

We have also learnt that incumbent Kitgum municipality MP Beatrice Anywaa has learnt of Bosmic’s intentions and is suddenly very worried, even restless.

Northern Buzz keep you posted!