Congratulations:Bosmic Otim bought a New Ride Land cruiser prado worth over UGX millions……

Nile republic boss Lucky Joyce Bosmic Otim who also Double has a politician has earned himself a New Ride at the entry of this month of August 2020.

Lucky Bosmic Otim who has been without a car for many months now has bought himself a third party/second hand Land cruiser Prado model TX-L model.

The news was first broke by his close friend also a fellow musician Ever young Ajulu.

“Good luck brother Bosmic Otim with the New Ride”…Everyoung Ajulu.

Later we learned that Bosmic Otim bought that third party land cruiser Prado TX-L model at 42millions UGX ,we are not sure about the about the amount we yet to contact Bosmic about it.
Northern Buzz keep you posted!