Corona beer company counting huge loses as some clients are quitting taking the product,CEO admit

Mexican beer company ‘Corona beer’ counting huge loses after most the company clients quitting taking the product.

According to Anheuser -Busch In Bev,which owns some of the world largest brands, said corona beer is facing its worst financial quarter for the first time.

A lot of massive drop in sales,a loss of roughly £132 million was due to largely falling demand in most country badly affected by the coronavirus.

According to CEO of the company Carlos Brito,said most people are mistaking the two Corona beer and Coronavirus.he also added the corona beer was named before the existence of Corona virus.

“our business is all about going to restaurant, to night ,going with friends, it’s really about to go back to normal, we re preparing for the surge when things return to normal even though some people are mistaking the two name,there is no connection between the two” ..Carlos Brito.