Covid 19 task force Security in Gulu burnt a mother for defying Presidential directive.

A mother of one Alanyo Joyce-30 in a critical condition at Gulu referral hospital after a law enforcement officer for covid 19 identified as Kilama George Auda suspected working for ‘Gulu District covid 19 task force’ kicked a fraying saucepan containing oil to her chest.

Alanya who is a single mother was fraying a chicken opposite Gulu independent hospital to support her live hood when an identity man came and kicked the fraying saucepan to her chest,breast and next.

“The law enforcement officer jumped from the vehicle while he was carrying a fraying saucepan and kicked it straight away on my chest.”..Said Alanya Joyce.

The nasty incident happened on 8 April 2020.
The enforcement officer claimed to be enforcing presidential directive on covid 19 curfew.

He has been arrested and detained at Gulu central police station.

Joyce at Gulu referral hospital