Shot on Saturday 20th August;Nawe visual by Clarrisa Nabulime a multi-talented Afropop, Folk singer, vocalist and performer has already wowed fans and doubters alike, with global critics strongly praising the professionalism used to execute this project! They have likened it to Beyoncé’s Hold Up!

Just like Hold Up, Nawe lyrics capture a strong promissory message of persistence and patience. Keeping love, forgiving, forgetting and having faith. Hold Up is dedicated to the transformative power of pain. Its video was released on Beyoncé’s 35th birthday Sunday 4 Sep 2016.

“Yeah, sure, there’s a fair chance you’ve already watched Beyoncé’s gorgeous “Hold Up” video, it is so similar to Clarissa’s Nawe.” – Commented Vivian Kradoc Williams, a multi experienced UK based movie critic and director.

“Clarrisa thought so much outside the box on her Nawe video and it will blow away every viewer like fireworks.” Vivian added.

Nawe video delivers a full expression of an experienced singer’s artistry with scanty regard for commercial expectations and genre precincts. This alone makes it worth checking out Nawe video since it is a project that is fundamentally going to change the game.

While the Tusker Project Fame superstar lets creativity run her crazily in love, the storyline is slenderer and more personal. Taken factually, Nawe is a concept that showcases a confident loving woman, ready to handle any crisis whatsoever.

Akin to Beyoncé in Hold Up, Nawe story documents expected joy, painstaking detail, the initial sting of an affair, the persistent threat of love and, ultimately, forgiveness, reconciliation and finally showcases smiles plus a woman’s calmness as the decisive ruler of relationships.

As Beyoncé uses a bat-wielding prowess to smash a bunch of windows and fire hydrants out of rage, Clarrisa makes use of a Knife to cut and share fruits from a basket with her lover.

Of course, tranquility can’t be a thing for every moment – many times fights happen in a relationship and somebody’s got to have to fix any issues. Definitely not here!

The naivety and intimacy of Clarrisa nabulime reflected well speaks out the content of the sound track. Be it the beats or lyrics. The lyrical story and video marry from start to end.

“The video well expressed the message communicated in the song, it gives me reason to watch it over and over again,” Said experienced record producer Jozy Mayanja after his first view of Nawe vasual.

Real instruments such as Kiganda Drums, bounce naturally from traditional folk instrumentation and sounds of the likes of Annet Nandujja and Guitar Prince ‘Alex Mukulu’ with a great blend of the initial Rhythms and Blues that keep the song belonging to an African land.

Clarrisa Nabulime also decorates the real Pop and Princess of folk she is into the astonishingly consistent Nawe track, which is nothing less than an act of experimentation.

Written by Sylver Kyagulanyi, Nawe is simultaneously the most experimental and restrained song of vocal Queen Clarrisa’s career.

It’s an emotionally fascinating portrait of music’s very own superwoman at her very best! It was indeed the most confident and bold decision Clarrisa ever took to remix Nawe.

You go, girl.


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