“I Curse Whoever Said That I Was Behind The Attack On Danz Kumapeesa “: Eddy Kenzo Speaks Out On His Accusations

Singer Eddy Kenzo has reportedly cursed social media enthusiasts accusing him of having a hand in producer Danz Kumapeesa’s death.
Kenzo is angry with social
Reports on social media have suggested that the producer was beaten by a top singer after he (the producer) bedded his wife.
Now Kenzo thinks he’s the said singer and spoke out.
“I curse whoever said that I was behind the attack on Danz,
may God work upon you! How could you say such a thing?” Kenzo reportedly said.
He added: “Danz worked on many songs on my upcoming Biology album. Why would I then have to do such a thing to someone in whom I had great hope? I have been there for this young man since day one. Ask his mother if you want, I came to the hospital in a mode of disbelief I could not imagine that anyone would do such a thing to Danz.”
Kenzo also blamed Dembe FM presenter Isaac Katende alias Kasuku for originating the rumor.