Diamond Platinumz gets a call from the President during a live interview

-Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz is on a roll at the moment in his music career
-Despite the overall success musically, he was keen to point out the fact that Tanzania’s music industry was seriously lagging behind
-Almost immediately, he received a call from the most unlikely source
Tanzania’s Diamond Platinumz proved he has the power to literally change the country by directly engaging with his President John Magufuli during on live TV.

The “Salome ” singer, was doing an interview earlier on Tuesday, March 14 on Clouds Digital where he was discussing matters music, particularly on the Tanzanian scene.

Once the interview was underway, Diamond was keen to point out the fact that many struggling musicians in the country were finding it hard to break through the ranks because of a lack of proper platforms, adding that the government should chip in and assist.
The only difference from the Kenyan way of venting problems was that Diamond was addressing the President himself, in the full light of the Nation via a live broadcast.

“ Tunakuomba sana utusaidie kwa vile tunaamini tunajua wewe ni raisi wetu sisi wanyonge kwa vile utakua umeokoa familia nyingi sana” (We urge you Mr President to help us from the lower classes to make it in the music industry and you will have saved the families of many artistes,”) He pleaded with Magufuli.
TZ President John Maguf