Did the old woman Deceives Lil Roy about 2020?

Lil Roy a guy who as been talking about 2020 since 2007,14years back.

Gulu based singer pamunga best known Lil Roy during his ‘Journey to 2020’ on 28th December 2019 at Da Link Garden Gulu,claims that an old woman prophesied to him about 2020 in 2002 while he was to his way home from school.

Lil Roy said the old woman first told him that in life everything goes into to two ways/opposite way.he gave examples like good time and bad time,males and females,laughing and crying & many others.
He then summarized that the old woman concludes to him that in 2020 onward will be his year to shine and makes good things in life and some who are living a happy life will cry.

While exiting the stage on that day, Lil Roy generally said things will go opposite to others in 2020.

Did the old woman deceive Lil Roy about 2020 or he predicted 2020 pandemic?

Below is the outro in one of his music video titled ‘Too iaa ki kwene’ title translated in English as ‘Death where did you come from’ recorded in 2008 saying,”watch out for 2020 I will not tell you the secret….