Doctor Kaunda Who is best known for Decampaigning events in Gulu promise to make Acholi caltural festival unsuccessful.

The first Producer in the North and that guy who have alot of followers in the Northern Music industry Doctor Kaunda open up another saga on Luo caltural festival after is successful campaign against NUEA awards,vow to make the festival unsuccessful

Kaunda whose campaign recently led to the downfall and the collapse of NUEA Awards open up a campaign against Acholi caltural festival that will take at Pece stadium and Kaunda ground on 14/December to 16/December.The Producer promise to make the event unsuccessful by any means.

According to our reportter, said Kaunda already Kickstarted the campaign against the festival early this this week.he added that the Producer already published the first article against Luo caltural describing the the title as ‘1st version campaign’

Yesterday I attended a meeting which was about the festival. The artist had a lot of pain about the festival and on #Juma for always offering them like offer tories whenever anything arises. They said they were not happy about how this whole thing is being organised and how disorganised the initiative is. Here are some of their concerns :
. 1. They expected the ker kal kwaro to pay them for their services but instead they are yet to fun raise money for the initiative. Now
*How do you organise an event and yet you can’t finance it?
*What are you going to use the fun raised money for?
*Who is going to be accountable for the money. Last time they fun raised for pece stadium but no accountability.
The prime minister of kar kal said the institution is too broke to facilitate the festival and he hasn’t received his salary for the last 4months.
2. The artist also said why is it that whenever there is anything they are used for fun raising. Cancer, pece etc. And yet after they are abused and called all sorts of names. The cultural institution has never supported the music industry when they are in trouble. Be it death, sickness, prison etc. Not even a. Mere condolence message when we lost our fellows.
Why don’t they try #Boda boda, market vendors and etc. They said they need money.
The artist who are moving in bus park, markets, and streets with a box led by #luckyDavid are all looking hungry and pal. They can’t even provide them with mere food. Haha let me laugh a little cause it was funny.
3. They said Juma has swallowed enough of their cash. Instead of him now opening for them ways, he instead offers them for fun rasing free shit. I too got annoyed here by the way. At the end of the year the artist remain the Same and the same people you fun raised for call you broke ass niggers. That this should be the last time to hold their testacles. For the female artist don’t ask me.
Version 1.
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