Doctor Kaunda Withdrew From Northern Uganda Entertainment Award [NUEA]

Nominated Music Icon NUEA Award, Dr. Kaunda one of the audio Producers has withdrawn from the Award calling it fake.
The reknown producer came clear to announce the withdrawal sighting out the systems under which the nominees where nominated.
He said the system was full of gambling and greed for money.
Below where his own words posted on his facebook timeline.

“I remember warning some desperate artist some times about jumping into signing things you dont know. Now look at what the UPRS Guys are going through. The central artist are boycotting them and they are now here to look for opinions. I will bring you more about this.
I also want to take this oppirtunity to with draw from the #NUEA. It is fake to me.
1. Artist where paying 10k to be nominated. How can you pay for you to be nominated. Nominations are based on merits. Believe me all those who paid wr nominated.
2. The organising people where moving door to door asking the artist and other icons which field they would like to be nominated on. They don’t know the people they are nominating but just money minded.
Please leave the Northern artist to continue with their struggles. *Where where you when they could hardly record a truck
*When they hardly could perform on any stage.
*Roaming the streets to look for survival.
*Paying the radio presenters to get their songs played
Etc etc
Now you come with your #UPRS OR #NUEA AWARD To make your money.
I say no to gamblers who want to use our talents.
We suffered in the hands of such people already here. They know them selves.
My young talents dont make the same mistakes some of us made.
Am willing to organise a work Shop to teach you how to sell your music online so that you jump these guys.
Am going to expose the guys who are being given pocket change to convince the artist to sign forms. Even encourage guys for fake awards.
Pass this information to help other people
My opinion”, posted #Dr_Kaunda.