Don’t come back,Online in-laws attacked Kiden over 2pee.

2pee mama baby Bet erin Kiden might be regretting why she brings her relationship issue to the public,this after posting on a social media platform last Tuesday night that his friend should stop calling her 2pee wife because she dumped him a year ago.

Not only 2pee close friends and diehard fans are unhappy with her moved but also some facebook in-laws who believe her moved to expressed her feeling unprofessional,some when far by saying 2pee is the one who dumped her.

Below are some words from 2pee fans

Little-Brenda Kemishozi La’munu

Ok our Facebook daughter-in-law but don’t come back coz our family is replacing you shortly.

Lima Rashid
This is idiographic noncence.but is this woman of a girl have home up bringing? You didn’t dump him but he dump you because of your ilmanerism . if you can say such rubbish in public then I can see 2pee was in prison under you government.

Onen Baptist Milla
You started it secretly but now publicly

Brian Daincredible

Ronick Odoki
i never wanted to call u even while with him just go