Don’t joke I will destroy you— Finally Judas responded to Rapper Due claims that he is better him.

Drama Kickstart in first days of week after up coming Rapper/Singer Rapper Due claims he is better than Judas Rap knowledge in the Rap Game.beside he also recorded a songs title “Don’t try” against Rapper Judas,this takes long for Soul of Africa artist Judas to respond to the claims the young upcoming Rapper Due brought on the table.finally yesterday Judas responded to claims thought he said he doesn’t know Due before untill he unvailed this comedy

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Hahahahahaha ,,omg some fake wannabes want to use my name to get them fame ..u will be better than me if u start to write ur own lyrics..pussy…don’t joke I will destroy u and that fail artist that write fake kiddish lyrics for u …eat his little money nigga…. Rapknowledge is a rebel to Kampala

don’t mention my name to get u fame …u just akid son,…… Lacaro ma ocato ngom ci obino ka yenyo yeka I town…..”…. Said Judas Rap Knowledge