I don’t know any artist called Liama—-Maria A

Maria A Claims Never To Know A Musician Called Liama Irene.


Maria A says she doesn’t know fellow singer Liama Irene as a musician — she don’t know any Liama in Northern Uganda’s music industry.
Liama Irene had proven herself another big female musician in northern Uganda ever since she broke through the music industry. Unfortunately, the people she is sharing the industry with are trying to oust, they don’t know her or even recognise her.
During a recent encounter with Northern Buzz reporter, Maria A was asked about her fellow musician Liama Irene. She clearly stated that she don’t know any Liama among the artist she follows as a musician.
However, Liama had proven herself and as well has been recognised by music fraternity as one musician who has done it all to see the Northern Uganda’s music industry grow.