What you don’t know about Rapper A’shaan

Born in 1993 in Lira district as Lucky Angom, A´Shaan is a female rapper-songwriter in Uganda. Raised by her mother, this young lady started rapping at a tender age and though her years were based in Lira, it didn´t stop her from being inspired by her female rapper idols Missy Elliot and Eve E.

It was not until after high school that her love for music was fully developed and nurtured. She was finally ready to record her first two songs “An Ayin” and “Big Dreamers” in 2013. Her music was applauded, drew the attention of quite a following and since then, she has never turned back. Being one who is very determined and hardworking, A´Shaan consistently kept on recording more hits like;


“Wine Up”

“Where The Party At?”

“Northern City”

“Run It”

Her popularity and musical talent has attained her collaborations with other artists and seen her win various awards, garniering the Northern Uganda Entertainment Awards nominations for best female artist of the year 2015 and winning the Lango Entertainment Awards for Best Hip Hop artist 2016.

Her most recent ones “Money Can´t Buy” and “Amari” are pr to the next level of professionalism in her art, as they enjoy tremendous success on various music charts.

The recent release of the “Money Can´t Buy” music video has proven she definitely ready to move onto the next big thing, which is of now in effect and she´s stepping up the ladder in the level of professionalism of her art. As of now, she is signed to the Nyinomugisha Niyabo Foundaion a music organisation that mentors and uplifts young talent not only in Uganda but elsewhere. This step is sure to bring much more benefits, which is seeing her embark on recording her new single in the Africa Talent studios this April and being represented by one of the best in Uganda.

At the pace A´Shaan is moving and with a team of professionals that aim for excellence, we won´t be surprised seeing her breakthrough come much more quicker than we thought, for this young lady
Checkout herlatest release ‘money cantn’t buy.