What You Don’t Know About Steve Jay Omar

Born on December 27, 1992, in Nwoya district, Northern Uganda, Steve Jay Omar worked with hip-hop rapper Judaz RapKnowledge the King Of Payira recording the tune “Alokaloka” which was nominated as the Best Collaboration Song Northern Uganda’s Entertainment Award 2017.
Singer Steve Jay Omar was born Odoch Stephen Omara on December 27, 1992, in Nwoya district, Northern Uganda. Steve Jay Omar has been creating music since he was a child, and is considered among today’s most talented singers in the region .
Steve Jay Omar is a Northern Uganda Entertainment Awards nominee whose song “Alokaloka” which he did with Judaz RapKnowledge was nominated for Best Collaboration Song 2017 Northern Uganda Entertainment Awards 2017.
Steve Jay Omar with Baptizzo UG formed Gulu Alive, a music dou.
They have recorded many audios together which including:
Alokaloka and other hits from Steve Jay Omar follow ups such as, Yatariya, Adaama, Ocwi Remu .
Steve Jay Omar has worked with artists ranging from Judaz RapKnowledge , Banana Joe , Kiden, Baptizzo Angel Brandy and many others.
He grew up with the musical spirit in mind , Being highly in the mood of inspiring the public through music, Steve Jay Omar started singing at a very tender age when he was for his senior four in secondary school in the year 2011. He later met singer Baptizzo UG and formed Gulu Alive Music Label.
Latest update from him is that the video premier for his song “Ocwi Remu” is happening soon.
Click on the links below for his song’s Audio and videos

Alokaloka audio https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-1KejFUtuP0
Ocwi Remu audio