What you don’t know about Uganda’s rnb OJ Maxwell

What you don’t know about Uganda’s rnb OJ Maxwell
OJMaxwell,real name Olara jimmy Maxwell is a very talented Singer song writer who was born on 25th march 1987 in Gulu town Northern Uganda.

In 1996,at the age of 9 due to the devastating war in northern Uganda,OJ maxwell’s Dad decided they move temporarily to kampala the whole family.This is where his love for music and dancing grew extensively. He particulaly paid a keen interest to the like of Micheal Jackson,Usher,Bobby Brown and various RNB artists.

Finally ,when they return back to Gulu,and due to his love for Micheal Jackson’ song and Raymond usher’s songs and dance styles,OJ Maxwell began dancing and performing music in his early teens and he could sing almost every songs on TV.To further cement his singing and love for music,he joined both church and school choir and few dance crews in Gulu TOWN likes soul squard,2kleen and cream eclat,It was very hard for because the came together and practiced during school holidays.
With some guidance from Joe Emrold[and now a well Audio producer at slick beat studio]and cousin brother,he began his profesion singing music career.Together they worked on various songs and tried out various vocal styles.

As time went by one of his songs was heard by Richard Okot,who is the Owner executive producer of the brand new label Pine avenue 5.Acording to Rich Okot,the song “i feel the rain” caught his attention due to its originality,and it was also different from the various songs he gets from different upcoming artise especialy from Northern Uganda.He immediately made contact with Oj maxwell and started to formulate a new plan,new direction,new way of thinking musically,and to create a package to brand him professionally,in simple words,kick start his music career on a high level….the rest is history.

OJ Maxwell is now signed to pine avenue 5 record label.To creat a wider impact,another version of the song was produce by swangz avenue,one of the best production house in the country.In mid August 2011,both versions of the song”feel the rai”(Original verson produce by Joe Emrold and a version by Swangze avenue)and a video produce by jahlive)have now been released under the Label pine avenue5.Oj maxwell’s music style “G-TOWN RNB” targets a wider audience and not just the local Northern Uganda music scence,He sing both English and luo and hope to create more awareness among st the very talented singers upcoming young singers in Northern Uganda and Uganda wide who may hope to follow his trend.

OJ maxwell  and Pine Avenue5 currently have there Latest called “Walking drawer featuring Voltage Music ” which is on heavy rotation on all radio station in the country.