DP president Norbert Mao successfully divorces his wife Naomi Acheng

The High Court in Kampala has officially allowed Democratic Party president Norbert Mao to divorce with his wife, Naomi Acheng Odongo.
Odongo in 2017 filed for divorce citing acts of cruelty from her husband which she said had forced their marriage to break down irreversibly and asked the court to officially divorce them.
In response, Mao too admitted both lovers who had got married in August 2003 could no longer stay together.
On Friday, Justice Godfrey Muyindi of the Family Division of the High Court ruled that according to circumstances and evidence brought to court, both people could no longer live together and separated them forever and officially.
The judge however ordered Mao to relinquish their piece of land measuring one acre located in Gulu town at the senior quarters.
The judge has also ordered the DP president to give up on the motorcycle he bought for Naomi.
Mao has also been ordered to live at their house in Ntinda Minister’s village for a period of only three years before relinquishing it.
The property in Ntinda will, however, be transferred into the names of the two children bore by the couple, namely Nicholas Hope Mao and Nathan Hale Mao.