Dr.Jose Chameleone Was Paid For His Appearance In Pr. Robert Kayanja’s Church

Few months ago, Pastor Robert Kayanja revealed to his followers that God gave him a promise that celebrities and famous people are going to get saved. This was revealed at his Miracle Center Cathedral when once popular musician Qute Kaye showed up at the Church altar to be prayed for.

Pastor Kayanja revealed to Qute Kaye that going for the deliverance meeting was a prophecy fore told. The senior pastor went on to reveal that there was a new anointing coming upon and warned followers that they have not seen anything yet.

Info reaching us has it that Pastor Robert Kayanja’s team spent last month sweet talking singer Jose Chameleone to turn up at the Rubaga based Miracle Centre Cathedral in a stunt ‘salvation.’ The Celebrated ‘king of stunts’ Chameleone accepted the deal where he was to be thanked with Shs20m for turning up to be saved.

The singer accepted the deal and over the weekend stormed the church for repentance ahead of his forthcoming album launch on 30th June.

Whereas Chameleone was to bag Shs20m for getting saved, insiders have revealed that Pastor Kayanja earlier on set terms and conditions for the artiste.

According to a source close to Chameleone, the artiste was supposed to turn up at the church as early as 9pm for a special briefing on how to repent his sins and turn to God, but he turned up at his own time to the disappointment of Kayanja.

“The two had agreed that he (Chameleone) comes to church very early at 9pm to be briefed on how to give his life to the lord. But he reached at around 11pm, when all those who wish to get saved had done so and more so the pastor was already at the altar, meaning he did get the chance to be briefed and even be handed his ‘thank you’ package,” a source revealed.

During the prayer session dubbed 77 Dogs (Days of Glory) Crusade, Chameleone was so restless in church and kept moving out complaining about the heat. By around 1am, the singer got fed up and decided to leave with his gang.

However, at around 1.30am, church announced that it was time to call in new converts and to Kayanja’s shocker, Chameleone was nowhere, he had driven away. Kayanja’s aides had to call him on phone and he returned shortly and joined others on the altar.

Apparently, Chameleone had been invited along with his wife, Daniella Atim but the latter downplayed the invite on grounds that Chameleone was being ‘used.’

Insiders say that Chameleone received his ‘Thank you’ package of Shs20m on Monday from Pastor Kayanja’s office.