English is not a big deal to me,I will never speak it anywhere,TV or Radio–Singer Young Man claims.

Acholi Traditional Singer Oola Jacob best known Young Man said speaking English is not a big deal to him anymore.

In a summary Interview with Ambitious Mari on Gulu 8 TV Celeb Login programs last Sunday,singer Young man who spend over 16 years in school claims English is not so important to him because he never live with speaking the language.Young man also added that he will never speak English in any event,TV stations or Radio station because he also have his own mother language ‘Acholi’ and he want all his fans to get him well.

“Leb Acoli en aye leb mamega pe leb munu oweko amiti Alok ka moo keken, kiri we I NTV onyo bot wu kany in Gulu 8 onto Radio,Leb munu pegi mo .Mamana bene pu kwano en bene omira owinyo.” ..said Young Man translated in English as

“Acholi language is my language not English I have to speak it anywhere even on NTV ,Gulu 8 or Radio station, English is not a big deal”

Watch the video below.