“Fake Music Promoters Are Killing Music In Lango Sub-region” : Okeng Borntown Complaints

Apparently, complains Okeng Borntown’s fans are wigging out with over the disappointing concert in Lango sub-region last week — enough to sue the event organizer for a full refund.
A group of dissatisfied spectators from the Aug. 27th show at Lira Integrated were left in dismay as their hopes of seeing their homeboy Okeng Borntown never came real.
This sighted out rumours that the singer is of no more interests of performing at any event in Lango Sub-region.
Musical star Okeng Borntown how ever directed his complains on fake music promoters in Lango Sub-region as the main cause of the low developed music industry in the region.
Okeng sighted out a situation where artists are poorly paid for showbiz deals by event organizers.
The “Muziki Time” singer noted out this in conjunction with the reasons as to why some talented artists like Professor Maros and the rests are just fading away.
He further reasoned that for the industry to properly developed, there must be good music promoters as well unlike those fake ones who doge payment.
The singer when getting back to the rumours that he’s no longer having interest in performing in Lango Sub-region, stated that his “Muziki Time” music tour plans had been drawn and those places where he’s not performed in are yet to come soon.