Fan react after Eezzy was disrespected on stage by Event organizer during Bebe cool show,Mic was grabs from him.

News reaching us that Singer Opoka Eric best known Eazzy was disappointed after he was given only 2minutes to interact with his fans on stage during one of the show at Acholi inn Gulu on Saturday 9 November.A show headlines by Bebe cool one of the singer from capital Kampala.we were also told that Microphone was grabs from Eezzy after stage light controller’s black out the stage.

Frank a guy who also attended the show narrates to us.

“I see Eezzy manager still has a lot to learn in music management.he should not only focus on pushing Eezzy music but also protecting his brand.How can you let Event organiser use your artiste name just to bring crowds to his events & later takes the artist valueless during events/show time.

I personally Frank I went for the show because Eezzy name was on the posters but I was disappointed & it was disgusted when Eezzy was only given 2 & half minutes to perform….the Microphone was forcefully grabs from him while he wasn’t noticing & that’s the time the lights was put off.

” Artist Management should decline such a curtains raising show if organizer can disrespect artist brand in such a way. they should also learns how to sign a minimum duration artist Will spent on stage if it’s a curtains raising show “…….Frank