Fan Wrote Open Letter To Bosmick Otim

One of Bosmick Otim’s music fan, Omodo Well has taken it to the higher level to reach to the music giant in a letter.
The fan who’s been kin lover of Bosmick Otim’s songs is quoted to have advised Bosmick Otim not to keep in mind anything which seems a fight on his music career.
Below were his words to the legendary singer.
“Otim … you started singing with good direction as a mysterious king solomon, but look before you, you started making mess with stupid young learners, people like simpleman and others , i humbly advise you to live those little kids, even though they talk against you. under mind them and do not think of them , they has no effect before your future, keep moving forward like a role model peace maker , remember ; blessed are the peace maker . the mistake you made against those little artis is enough for you as eldery artist toghgg yh rightious doing only , keep delivering only good messege, remember you are among the best black messengers of the sound wave ; turn off from devil and donot under mind the messege of the pshycrofans . the truth possesed in you will be come a favour j you ; through each and every body who know you”,wrote Omodo Well, 0785886860.