Fans clashes over Bosmic Otim latest song’Bonyo ma Dano’

Former people power youths wing leader and a Chua west member of Paliament 2021 contestant Lucky Joyce Bosmic Otim is fully back musically has he promised early this month.Otim recently made a promise to his fans that he will be dropping songs back to back till the end of 2021 including a full Tracks album in July that will be sold via tidal,Deezar, iTunes and Spotify.

It’s seems the promised is already in progress as Bosmic Otim released new song he tagged ‘Bonyo ma Dano’.a Luo words translated in English as Locust.

Few hours after the song has been officially released,fans clashes over the tracks in the extent of changing verbal words , some say saying the song don’t deserve to be consumed because it’s preaching tribalism while others sides with Otim saying he is telling the fact that need to be addressed.

Here are some of the few reaction from the fans.
Ayen Earnest.
Kindly my brother don’t focus on the things that devide us.there is no need for you to come up with such song.lets not reduced our self to this level.

Opw Deniz.
On point let’s continue to enjoy what you are best at.Earnest don’t talk fwaa he is telling the truth.

Jacob Okuta.
When life have shown your true colors.don’t divide but rather unite Uganda.Obote succeeded by uniting Uganda us one.

Richard Otim.
The song is on point , Acholi music forever.

Take time download Bosmic Otim song ‘Bonyo ma Dano’ below and rate.

Download:Bonyo ma Dano By Bosmic Otim|MP3 Audio|