Fans reaction to Bosmick Otim Latest song

Fans reacted to Bosmick Otim latest song.When bosmick otim releases his latest song tiltle’Lweny Alibu’ last week,A song he was blaming his fellow Artist that they were behind his arrest.The song faced both negative and postive reaction.Here are some of the reaction from the fans.

Meta micheal Jr Bosmick am your die hard fan but am not sure with all what your informing the public about because i didnot see Jahria Okwera and Oj Maxwell post about ur arrest or on their timelines,I dont know what ur trying to do Bosmick style up

Maa-moi Simon Peter Wang bur kadi tidi ka pe kimado lwangi pong came ci doko #ADOLA
Tut ka openg….. Mede kwede….
#BOSMIC kill them bit by bit….

Guy-from Dokolo Uganda bosmic rocked in po box world
He is facing challenges in adopting to dot com style
Thats why he is fake nowdays
More so has primitive habits lol
Let him wait to dance what he has started

Maa-moi Simon Peter Even if 100 dogs, they can’t put an elephant down. BIG is BiG

Otim Thomas Ozil People Who Know Music N Try In N.Uganda Are:
1.Judas In Hip Hop.
2.Oj Maxwell In RnB
3.Nocky Man My Ob In Afrodance hall
4.Smocky In Reggae Dance Hall
5.There Z A New Guy,dan Nuo His Name,bt In His Afro Dance Hall He Mentioned Words Like December,mara Muye
Mambo Can Try

The Rest Of Musicians R Just Ashaming Us

Akena Titus De Lion Lotuwa leb ma watye katic kwede ni to mito lego kica ba!!!! Dong ka in pe i ngeyo kit Bosmic ci dong omyero inge tin. There is a say that says “show me your friends and i tell who u are” pi man omyero wa neno yoo me ribo kin omegi wa man ento pe medo kado ay