Fans Speak Up After Drunken Performances And Poor Dress Code By Acholi Empire’s Liama Irene

Fans have criticized Liama Irene in a contraindicated dresses and drunken performances during her performance at Bomah Hotel yesterday.
Fans of the famous singer Liama Irene came to the conclusion that it is absolutely contraindicated, slinky dresses, un-fit. Especially when there saw Liama dresses indecently.
Usually stylish Liama always pleases fans of its fashionable bows, but this time it just upset them so ridiculous failure.
One of the actions Liama did that emphasized her protruding body. Additionally, the dress was see the shape of the thighs, belly and panties of the singer.
For the followers harshly criticized Acholi Empire singer and advised her never to wear such things and abstain from over intoxication of the body whrn heading for any perfornmances.
A fan, Peter Rock expresses his grief to the singer to respect the audience
“Acholi Empire ruined my Xmas celebrations at Hotel Bomah Gulu. Please Acholi Empire, next time respect the audience and desist from intoxicating your artists before performances. Liama’s performance was 1/10. This goes to the management of Acholi Empire and any other music/promotion/record label in GULU (and beyond); next time if one of the artists signed to you Music ‘group’ is paid to perform in such an organized concert, Please desist from coercing the organizers and MCs from changing their programs to satisfy your selfish needs. Acholi empire (Badman Solo), that idea of bringing in an extra artist (for promotional purposes) and thus wasting people’s time was uncalled for. And the dressing code of the so called Liama lady was disgusting. For Buddha’s sake, 50% of the audience were minors. Please respect the minors. Talent Avenue is an organized group and you (Acholi Empire) made it seem disorganized during today’s concert. Honestly, you bored the audience. Sharing the same stage with Wiz Kid doesn’t qualify you (Liama + Acholi Empire) to disrespect the happy souls of Gulu. Follow the organizers programs and you’ll do good. I eavesdropped and was pissed off by some statements uttered by the manager of Acholi Empire to the organizers and the MCs + the DJ.”
We are yet to acquire from Liama’s camp,if she’s ready to apologize to fans for the mistakes done.