Fashionista ABryanz Humiliated At Spice Diana’s Birthday While Lining For Food

Fresh report reaching our desk is that Award winning fashion stylist and a businessman Brian Hamuza of the Abryanz fashion was over the weekend greatly humiliated at Serena Hotel where he was invited by Singer Spice Diana to attend her birthday celebration.

Kumbaga tekubula musiwufu, a popular Luganda saying meaning that there is always the odd ill behaved person at a function.

Worst came to worst with city top fashionista Abryanz.

It was however not for his actions but rather his dress code that almost allegedly got kicked him out from Spice Diana’s birthday bash that took place Serena Hotel Kigo last week.

It’s said that Abryanz showed up dressed in a gangsta style and the hotel manager who didn’t recognize him pulled him out of the food queue and slapped thinking that he is street kid who come illegally to attend the party.

Abryanz whose face was masked up with a shirt exposing much of his chest and long tight pants was saved by his alleged girlfriend Judith Heard.

According to sources, Abryanz kept his cool as all this unfolded and Judith Heard was able to explain the fashionista’s status.

He’s well known for his weird and daring fashion sense that has always gotten people talking whispers and loudly on social media.