Fez reportedly paying spragger only 1millionUgx monthly salary not 2.5million as he was bragging.

At the start,rumours been circulating that Fez media,a promotion company and a production house accepted to pay Fashionistas music promoter Jacob Spragger 10 bag of US currency/ 1,000 dollar per month woth 3,700,00 Ugx for working along with Ugandan Rapper Judas rapknowledge as a side promoter.

Few days after the rumours via his twitter handle,Spragger came out with a photo caption of bundles of Ugandan shillings notes in front of him bragging and pretending he was clearing out the rumours by saying Fez accepted to pay only 2.5millionUgx monthly for the deal he signed and he is contented with it.

“The deal is 700 Us dollar/2.2millionugx not 1000$”.. said Spragger via twitter

We finally learned that Jacob Spragger deal with Fez doesn’t worth 2.2millionUsh as he was bragging.According to a guy working with fez identified himself as Charles said Spragger signed 2years contract and Fez media is giving him only 1millionUsh.