Finally 2pee get recoverd.

I know this will sound good to every one who like and follow Northern Uganda Music industry.

Okello Denish who is well known as 2pee goga flow had been fully recoverd from his pain.2pee was attact by hitmen from his home in Gulu town 5 months ago,When he was released from the hospital earlier this week,immidiately 2pee sent a message to all those who had been with him in the hard time he had been in.

“It’s really been so long my friends. I would love to thank God almighty for saving my life for the cause he knows best, doctors for their hard work on me, boda boda who rushed me unconsciously to the hospital, people who were with me in the hospital physically, spiritually and online, my family n my wife Rhemie. Not forgetting my fellow artists n media houses, it’s God who will reward all you people for your mercy on me and the poor me will only reward you with a thankful song about my life one day when I get recommendation from the doctor, life ain’t easy anymore cuz I take five tablets a day since last year up to date to servive worse life situations and return home, sometimes my Head pains like it wants to explode when am hurt or think that some of my dear people might leave me some day due to the weaknesses I have got from the attacked, lastly I wants to thank you all for sharing my pain and for those who tried to kill me in the dark by cutting my head with pangas,I have forgiven them all and leave their act to God. Amen”…..2Pee posted on social media