Finally Mc Wang jok made the biggest come-back ever with a new song “Waloko kwo”

This song “Waloko kwo”is Going To Make you Super Emotional.

Poetic rapper Mc wang jok finally made the biggest comeback ever and it’s seem he has given it all. 7 months since his last single was released, Wang jok new song is out already.the song was released yesterday 16th September midnight. And it seems the singer has poured his heart and soul into the project.the Singer teamed up with Otim Alpha to bring out the” Waloko kwo”sound.

After the released of the song,the feedback from many consumer marked the song as the best sound from Mc wangjok others went by says Mc Wang jok still remains at large as usuals.

Mc Wang jok also promised to tease details about his long-awaited record, and revealing why releasing it will represent his Big ultimate recovery.

Download the song “Waloko kwo” below, share and comments.

Download:Waloko kwo by Mc wang jok ft Otim Alpha|Mp3 Audio|