Finally Odong Romeo Officially releases’Cawa dong peke’ song,most fans says the song is far better than ‘Yoo leng’

Forget about Yoo leng song now,The new jamz from Uganda gospel singer Romeo Odong could be another blowing sounds That could go far than Yoo leng.the song that is official out is tagged with the name ‘Cawa dong peke’ translated in English as’there is no time’

According to fans who already added the song to their play list,Most said Romeo odong did the song that is better than his recent anthem ‘Yoo leng.

Acaya Brian
“Romeo God bless you,this could farer than Yoo leng”.

Aloyo Agness
‘Cawa dong peke, this is best song from you Romeo’

Charles About
“Romeo this song is hot,played it 10times now,I can’t stop listening”

Download the song “Cawa dong peke” by Odong Romeo below, share and comments.

Download:Cawa dong peke By Odong Romeo|Mp3 Audio|