Former Pine Avenue 5’s Promoter Spragger Crossed To Acholi Empire For Half A Million Monthly Salary

Spragger, 24, “middle man” lands half million-shillings record deal after quitting Pine Avenue 5 this year as the record label’s promoter.
Birth named Jacob, started his official duty as Acholi Empire’s promoter on 1st, 11 2017 and will earn him half million Uganda shillings monthly.
The new job will see him promote Acholi Empire’s signed artists songs mainly via online promotions.
He announced his new job on his facebook timeline as below.
“JacobTrigger Spragganifficient Ug StarBoy is with Liama Irene and 3 others.
I Spragga Remember Way BacK in 2013 Some 4yrs BacK When Acholi Empire Was Born and it Was My True Route By Then But Due To How Life Takes People, i Decided To Explore The World..But Today i Realized That’s Where i Belong.
ToDay Wednesday 1st. November 2017 I Spragga God Willingly Called Me Again To Come BacK Home And Have These WonderFul Opportunity To Join & WorK With These Amazing Naturally Super Talented People Around Me..I’m Really So Proud Of My Culture As An Acholi For Having These Pure Talented Artistes
My Mom My Fans My Followers & My People…You Too Real That i Can’t Stop ThanKing You…i Really Appreciate Y’all Alot For Keeping it Strong With Me Spragga StarBoy in This Musicals’ Journey Please Y’all Are Very Vital (important) in My Life..its Today That Am Officially Unleashing A Goodnews To The Public That i Got A Permanent Straight Deal in The Music industry That i Been Signed To A Down To Earth Record Label in Uganda Based in NorthernUganda Gulu City its Non-OtherThan ACHOLI EMPIRE Where Peace Love & Good Music is The Way To Every Happiness …i Feel Good To Come BacK Home..i Will Be Killing Acholi Empire Flag With Pride. Thank You.
So Please Allow Me inTroduce To You My New Team One By One.
1- C.E.O O Jay – Acholi Empire
2- Badman Abad – Manager Acholi Empire & Main Promoter.
3- Liama – ( Artiste/Singer/Song Writer)
4- Silva P Ug ( Artiste ” )
5- Micho Benz ( Artiste ” )
We Are Smartly Dressed and Designed By
ARO Closet Gulu
Clear Cool Picture By Acire George From
Friendship Photography