Full video:Bosmic Otim finally cleared the air about the photos that was circulating on social media.

The internet got buzzed a few days when a uncleared photo of a strong People Power and Northern Uganda artist Bosmic Otim meeting M7 got its way online from unknown source.

Few hours after the photos went viral,Kitgum based Olwo published
” if Bosmic Otim had already met President museveni,then the photo that was circulating on social media was not the real one because a prominent Kitgum business man Acaye who was also in the photo died in November 2018.

Source also claims that Beatrice Anywar was the first to air out on radio station before the uncleared photo flooded the social media.

Most people least expected Bosmic to meet with a person he has been critizing for so long. Sectors of people concluded that he must have quit the PP to join the yellow team. But Bosmic has now come out to speak about his intentions of meeting the president.
He said in a video that, he met Sevo to follow up on his money he has been demanding the ruling government for quite some good years mow, after he writing for them a campaign song but was not paid for it.
I can’t quit People Power, I only went to collect what belongs to me and come back – Bosmic said..

Watch the full video below…