Full video:How Bebe cool Chased Eezzy from Stage at Acholi inn Gulu.

Singer Eezzy reachieved the worse embarrassment in his music at Acholi inn Gulu on Saturday 9 November.

Singer Opoka Eric commonly known as Eezzy was given only 2 minutes and his second song was cut short when the event Dj interjected Bebe Cool’s song as Ezzy was still on stage. The stage lights were turned off and Eeezy was forced to move off the stage in embarrassment,…the microphone was also grabbed away from him.

His fans did not fall for the embarrassment and were left bubbling negative energy towards the event organizers and Bebe for disrespecting Eezzy on stage. Others blamed the Eezzy’s manager for making fake deals with event organizers for his artiste.

Bebe Cool was hired to headline the event. But the fans still thinks, Big Size master minded this embarrassment since he was in a rush to leave Gulu for another performance in Masindi.

Watch the video below.