Gerard flame signs 12millions UGX recording deals with Acholi empire, will he over power Liama outcome?

Gerard flame has signed with Acholi Empire,a record label owned by Ugandan North America based Money bag Ojay Kayongo.the same record label that helped in pushing Liama Irene music career from the start.

This is the first signing for this talented guy Gerard flame, Gerard who was recently nominated in the last Northern ihits award ‘Must watch talent of the year’ was a run half after vocalist Afrobar.His recording deals with Acholi Empire come with the package of 12millions UGX, this is the money given to improve his basic life style but we are told Gerard flame has been given only 6millions UGX yet and the remaining 6millions UGX will be given in early January 2021.

A fresh artist,Gerard flame is pop-afro dance hall singer-song writter with an exquisite astonishing voice.a representation of young male artist with a rich harmonic and melodic sense from Northern region.Will he be greater than the outcome of Liama Irene while she was still in that label/Acholi Empire.?

Below is his first song ‘Ceng Aboro’ released under Acholi Download it below

Download:Ceng Aboro by Gerard Flame|Mp3 Audio|