Gospel Artist Molly Ocen caught bonking with a man of God, Pr. Jaspher Agwa

Police in Ojwina Division are holding in custody a man of God, Pr. Jaspher Agwa of Holy power Ministry located in Ojwina Kichope who was arrested on Monday night bonking one of the renowned gospel artists in Lira.

Molly Ajok a.k.a Molly Ocen and Jasper Agwa were nabbed bonking in Tinnapak Lodge Lira after a long trace by her hubby and were taken to Lira Bus park police post and later transferred to Ojwina Police Station where they are being detained for further investigation.

Seith Ocen, the hubby to Molly Ajok noted that he was notified about the movement of Molly with the man of God who was carrying her in a silver car No- UAX 032U at around 9pm in Uhuru Bar heading to the lodge.

“I will sit with my clan heads and some of the Men of God to forge away forward and solve this matter.” Ocen stressd.

Ocen wedded Ajok but Ajok Claims she got separated with Ocen two years ago something Ocen says they were only on Clampdown and was looking for way to reconcile with his wife Molly but was shocked when she left her 7 Kids at home and went for the man of God.

Meanwhile speaking after the arrest, Ajok claims Ocen has been making her suffer when it comes to bedroom affairs.

“He is not man enough and that’s why I left him for the prophet, I need someone who can serve me well” she noted.

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