Government propaganda can not shake me–Bosmic Otim clarified.

Otim Oyet best known Lucky Bosmic Joyce Otim has come out and publicly spoke out against the screen shorted letter that was circulating on social media,saying it’s fake & it’s just a hoax to decampaign him.

The viral letter has a messages that claim to have been written by Bosmic Otim himself requesting to meet the President. The letter says he(Bosmic) intends to leak out secrets of People Power and how they operate. The letter also further talks about plans of Bosmic meeting the president and talking about money that sums up to UGX 350M which was not paid for “Mzee Wakazi” song which he sung and was used by the President during one of his political campaigns.

In a video shared by the singer online, he accuses a one Tugume and friends for coming up with such false information, citing its a hoax.

In his message, he said this is just fake propaganda and he will respond to it.In an encounter with Northern Buzz about the letter,Bosmic said NRM government propaganda can not shake.

Watch the video below.

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