Gulu 8 TV Uganda confirms their being on Startime Decorder in December this year 2021.

It’s seems the straggle to bring TV in Gulu that operates in setlite or terrestrials distribution platform is still going.

Gulu is the among the city that’s operating without a TV station even though is rapidly developing.

Gulu 8 TV Uganda that’s still operating as a online platform promised to solve this problem by the end of this year 2021,

When we try to contact the management this evening, they said they will be having a slot on Startime Decorder by the end of this year.they also added that Gulu 8 will be paying artists through their coming online platform/website that will be out on July this year i.e the artist will be paid when his or song access through Gulu platform.

Gulu 8 TV also posted on their social medias handles “slow but sure,we will be on Startime Decorder in December this year 2021”