Happiness hits Arua,Nebbi,koboko as westnile TV goes live digitally.,the only functioning TV station in Northern Uganda.

Happiness hits Arua,Nebbi,Zombo,adjumani,Koboko and other West Nile Districts after West Nile TV goes live digitally.

West Nile TV becomes the only funtioning TV station with the operation head quarter located in Greater North.

West Nile TV Officially begun their operation as a fully functional TV station on 16th, July,2021 with a slot in channel 019 free to air Decorder.

According to West Nile TV management, the said being on Free Decorder is a start point for the station and they have cleared the slot on Go TV already and they will be on GO TV channels by end of August.

“We cleared the slot with the Multi choice terrestrials already and expecting to be on Go TV by next month August 2021”.. Said manager of West Nile TV.

It should be noted that West Nile TV is the only functioning TV station in Northern Uganda and Wan luo TV is not operated from Northern Uganda,Wan TV is located at vision group head quarter Kampala.

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