He may sue us over the name that’s why we Quit–Said Anena the manager of Yoo leng ice-cream.

Pece based ice-cream maker Anena with her small scale company first releases a new ice-cream dubbed with a brand name ‘Yoo leng’ice-cream two weeks ago.

The released of the brand was buzzing both on social medias and offline alot of people in Northern Uganda were badly waiting to test the new yoo leng ice-cream.after few days of it released,the yoo leng ice-cream goes extinct.

When one of our reporter Dan try to encounter with the face behind Yoo leng ice-cream at the first phase,she first said Northern Buzz team should help her bring the news out and where to get the brand and later she changed her mind and insisted the team not to display were to get the ice-cream….

Few days when Northern Buzz try to get intach with her again,Anena the person behind the ice-cream yoo leng said she Quit making the ice-cream with that brand name because she doesn’t have a enough money to pay Odong Romeo for the name if he asks for.

“a lot of comments on social media scared me alot , I don’t have a enough money to pay Odong Romeo if he ask for it doesn’t mean when he is a gospel artist he doesn’t need money to run his music career.I respect his art… We Quit making Yoo leng ice-cream because we don’t have permission to use the name.you know most workers here are not from this region.I don’t even have enough capital to run my business..”..Said Anena “what if he sue us “she added.
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