Here is the reason why 90% says Rakas Topa New song”BORDING” is hotter than PA ABIYE.

Bording by Rakas Topa’: The 3-minute single that might change the face of Northern Uganda Music Industry.

Again it seems like Rakas Topa have made another hottest song in the industry.the singer releases the song yesterday Friday 31st May 2019…90% of the fans who listen to the songs marked that the “Bording”Single is hotter than “PA Abiye”,a recent hit song from Rakas Topa.

Here the reason why the song is unique.
Rakas topa achieve the sound that Northern Uganda wanted, and Produced used a technique known as reduction mixing, also called ping pong recording. Most of the songs you listen to today use a lot of audio tracks, each track reserved for different instruments and vocals, combining to make one song.but this is Different.
The “Bording” single was produced by Badman Nerio at Empire Records.

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Download:Bording by Rakas Topa|Mp3 Audio|