Hipipo’s Award Winning Best Music Group “Pine Avenue5” Breaks Up

There is a saying that ?two heads are better than one?, in plain statement, this means it is better when two or more people come together to contribute their bits of knowledge in achieving success than it is with one person. This theory of two or three heads being better than one has led to the success of so many ideas and thoughts in different endeavors of life. But could the same be said for the arts and entertainment industry? Bringing together talents to come out with an art work truly gives it that adorable look and it does stand the test of time too. 
Report reaching us indicate that Hipipo Award Uganda’s Best Music Group 2017, Pine Avenue5 is no more.
Northern Buzz encounter with one of the fellow in the team claims that the high profile group had internal conflicts triggered by one of Pine Avenue5’s female artist Pretty B.According to the fella in the team,Pretty B is rumoured to had assumed herself a managerial position and continued disrespect for fellow artists and the entire team in the music group.
The incident is believed to have been geared up due to overwhelming absenteeism of their CEO, UK based Richard Okot. This sighted out improper monitoring and conducting of the group’s activities.
So the following Pine Avenue5 members are believed to have officially resigned from their duties and are no longer part of Pine Avenue5 Record Label:-